A Donations Committee was formed during 2018.  The Committee is responsible for allocating donations annually on behalf of the Co-op.  The Committee does research to find charities which best fit with the Co-op’s priorities. As well, each of the directors is allowed to allocate $5,000 to charities. The Co-op’s focus is on supporting veterans, local community, children, small organizations and groups that might otherwise not be funded. Overall, the allocations represent a balance between creating legacies through the Vancouver Foundation Funds and addressing immediate charitable needs.

The Association makes significant donations each year, and has set up six funds which are administered by the Vancouver Foundation:

Co-op & Legion members started the Lewis MacDonald Endowment Fund in the 1960s.  The fund is held in the Vancouver Foundation, in the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s name.  The income from the fund was used in the past to help support the Chair in Cardiology at UBC, but since 2020 it is used for fellowship grants.  The current balance and the amount of annual distributions is included in the Donations Summary for each year,  which can be found below.

The statements for the six Vancouver Foundation funds set up by the Co-op are available below, as well as summaries of donations for each year.